A Mediterranean grape extensively cultivated in Sardinia.

The History

The founder of Winery spread Vermentino in the south of the island

Among the historical bottles in the Argiolas house collection is one that dates back to 1967. This bottle contains a Vermentino produced in the south of the island, when the vineyard was rooted especially in northern part. Antonio Argiolas, during his research for newness and experimentation, fell in love with this variety and decided to cultivate it in his vineyard. So, he sent grafters to procure scions in Gallura and then planted Vermentino on his own estates in Trexenta and Parteolla. Today’s resulting wine restores to the palate the character shaped by its greater proximity to the sea. It is soft, with notes that veer towards citrus and yellow flowers and evoke the flavor of rich yellow fruits.


Land and weather define the product’s richness and elegance.

Vermentino is one of the most important Mediterranean vineyards and Sardinia, with 75% of planted surface, is the Italian region to hold the national record. The island is among the world’s largest producers.

Flagship of the Argiolas estates, vineyard is cultivated both in Trexenta and Parteolla. Wines are a reflection of different climatic characteristics and soils, the basis on which the hand of man and the different interpretation in the cellar wisely affect. The Trexella hills, which rise some 300 meters above the sea, yield wines that are elegant and fresh in flavor. The closer proximity of the vineyards of Serdania to the coast, on the other hand, yields rich and soft products.

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