In harmony with our land

Stewardship and protection of our territory is our duty, a daily commitment that guides us in all our decisions

We have adopted sustainable grape-growing practices

Precision viticulture

A geolocation system enables us to know the health status of each vine in real time. Weather stations at each estate collect data on the changes in weather parameters and make it possible to forecast climate risks. We can thus take targeted action on a small area of the vineyard or even individual vines, according to need. Through this approach we avoid wasting water, a precious resource in Sardinia, minimise the use of chemicals and optimise our human resources.

The secret to crafting unique wines


Sardinia boasts an extraordinary number of native grape varieties. Preserving this biodiversity strengthens the distinctive features of the territories and leads to unexplored taste discoveries. Through our research we have traced 11 grape varieties on the island and created the first regional biodiversity field, which includes 5,000 plants.
From the grapes of the selected grafts, we have produced small trial batches of wine, to explore the characteristics of these productions and then expand them.

Details make the difference

Integrated farming

The Winery has experimented with various practices to preserve soil fertility and prevent nutrient depletion: crop rotation cycles, grassing (a natural management technique in the spaces between rows which increases soil organic substance) and, lastly, sowing. We devote constant observation and care to insect biodiversity, which we also use for biological pest control: a further tool for optimising environmental balance.



Plant longevity and the landscape: two assets to be preserved

Protecting the landscape

Protecting the environment and farming responsibly also includes land stewardship, to preserve the health and ecological resilience of our territory. This is why for the past 10 years the Argiolas Winery has used the Simonit and Sirch pruning method, which is based on non-invasive cuts, on young wood only, respecting the grapevines and their growth process.

Experiences we want to tell

Between art, fashion and narrative a story told by several people in order to decipher the present and to find the feel rouge.