Iselis Monica

Monica di Sardegna DOC Superiore.



ruby red.


intense and developing, with predominance of marasca cherry and plum, pleasantly accompanied by notes of vanilla and cinnamon.


harmonious and velvety, with extra sweet tannins, a perfect balance of red berries and spices, very long and satisfying finish.

75cl, 1.5lt, 3lt, 5lt
Calcareous, soils deriving from marly limestone sediments.
Development in bottles for 6 months
Maceration at a controlled temperature of 28-30 °C for about 10-12 days. Malolactic fermentation in concrete tanks for 10-15 days.
Traditional pasta dishes with sauce, savoury fish soups, grilled tuna steaks, stewed lamb, medium-matured pecorino cheese, grilled red meats.

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