The Kyoto Protocol has highlighted the need to boost “carbon sequestration”, i.e. the capacity of ecosystems to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

This ability is not limited to forest ecosystem. Woody crops such as vineyards also contribute to the global carbon balance.


We have carefully studied the daily, monthly and seasonal behaviour of a vineyard to measure its ability to absorb or release carbon.

Carbon flows were constantly monitored in the period June 2009 - September 2010.

The study has confirmed the role of woody crop ecosystems such as vineyards in helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


Every step of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the decanter involves a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions. We decided to focus on ways to cut these emissions as much as possible. Some ways of doing this are actually quite simple. Take glass bottles for instance: they require energy – hence carbon dioxide emissions – for their production, transport and recycling. By making the move to lighter bottles we have managed to decrease carbon dioxide emissions at zero cost and without the least problem.