We have carried out an ambitious project for the selection and conservation of native Sardinian grape varieties. This is why we have created “collection” vineyards, where we grow the selected vine species, both to protect them and to test their agricultural viability and winemaking quality.

We started by mass selection. Using this approach, we carried out regular detailed agronomic and sanitary observations to identify those plants having the distinctive characteristics of their variety, suitable for winemaking, with balanced growth and yield and free from harmful agents such as moulds or viruses.

We worked on 11 vine varieties (Vermentino, Cannonau, Monica, Bovaleddu, Malvasia, Carignano, Nuragus, Nebbiolo, Moscato, Caricagiola and Nasco).

We assessed about 16,000 plants. For each variety we selected about 5000 plants, testing each separately to rule out the presence of four of the commonest viruses found in vines.

Today, our collection vineyard has about 5000 plants from 499 selected mother vines.